The Skeleton Key | Vape Rev

Over the past few years vaping has undergone a drastic transformation, evolving from a small industry with simple and sometimes lackluster hardware into a global business with a plethora of both ornate and technologically advanced products. The lack of a local vape shop hardly exists anymore, as brick and mortars have been developed on what seems like every street across the nation. The upside to the saturation is that e-cig products are readily available for those who wish to transform their lifestyle and leave cigarettes behind. The downside is that many of the companies involved with e-cigs appear to have lost sight of the passion and emotional aspects that used to instill such a high level of pride amongst members of the vape community. This being said, the Skeleton Key has slyly snuck onto the scene, shining like a beacon of hope for vape enthusiasts around the world to appreciate.

The Skeleton Key was originally conceptualized as a high-quality mechanical mod with a touch of style and nothing more. That idea was quickly discarded when the creative geniuses behind the device opted to team up with a legendary artist who they refer to as “Marquis.” This skilled gentleman is a true artist in every sense of the word: he is extremely talented, knows exactly what he likes, and has a desire for his work to carry deep meaning while stimulating introspective thought. Inspired by the passionate ideas presented by Marquis, the Skeleton Key project quickly morphed into something far greater than just another mod.

One of the Skeleton Key’s creators is a collector of authentic skeleton keys as well as elaborate old locks. His appreciation for the idea behind a skeleton key and its mystical properties influenced the decision to design a device around the same principles possessed by these seemingly magical keys. As a mod, the Skeleton Key was created to resemble and represent whatever you want it to. The symbology found with the device’s engravings and physical structure are not intended to be interpreted in any one correct way. Each owner of the Skeleton Key will develop their own individual thoughts as to the meaning behind the artwork and why it looks the way it does. This is one aspect that makes it such a fantastic device. Most devices either work for you, or they don’t, and that’s where the story ends. The Skeleton Key, however, is unique in its ability to invigorate the imagination.

I don’t own a Skeleton Key, although I was lucky enough to have some time to analyze the device for myself. After being mesmerized by the intricacies of its engraved artwork, I started to get lost in the device. The longer I stared, the more captivated I was by it. Even though I am not able to use one as a daily device, I was still able to form my own interpretation of what the Skeleton Key means to me. I personally view the Skeleton Key as a gateway. With the device unlocked I am able to set myself free from the shackles of a tobacco-infested existence. It makes me feel proud to be a vaper, especially knowing that I’ll never need a cigarette again. In my opinion, the Skeleton Key is an empowering mechanical mod that has a somewhat euphoric effect since very few people get the opportunity to even hold one of these museum-quality pieces. That being said, if you become a Skeleton Key owner then you will undoubtedly form your own interpretation of the device.

Speaking of artwork, the Skeleton Key features several incredibly precise laser engravings. It would do them a disservice to try and describe them with words, but I can say that you can look closely at this mod for a long time without becoming bored. Each piece of engraved art was drawn by Marquis specifically for the Skeleton Key and there is even a “secret” engraving which will become noticeable if you have a keen eye. This is another unique feature of the device, it sparks curiosity and even after months of use you will continue to discovers things you had never noticed before.

Setting aside all the mystery and grandeur of the Skeleton Key, it happens to also be a highly functional device. Housed within its 23mm frame are silver-plated copper contacts, the positive of which is telescopic to compensate for variations in battery length and ensure a stable connection is made at all times.

The Skeleton Key’s switch is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The internal switch housing is constructed from brass, providing efficient conductivity. Although the switch itself is spring-loaded, the floating locking ring is powered by an innovative magnet system. This not only gives the locking mechanism an extremely fluid operation, but also allows the Skeleton Key to be locked quickly regardless of whether the ring is rotated counterclockwise or clockwise. The locking ring also has some symbolic significance since physically it resembles castle gates or windows. When closed (locked) nothing can be seen, however when open (unlocked) small engravings become visible. This is open for interpretation, but these engravings may represent more than simply an indication as to whether the device is locked or unlocked.

The final touches to the Skeleton Key are made by the luxurious packaging which resembles that of a high-end watch. Each elegant box also includes an engraved metal authenticity card. These are small additions in the grand scheme of things, but they solidify the feeling that when you purchase a Skeleton Key you’re getting much more than a mechanical mod alone. Upon presentation of the Skeleton Key you’ll experience feelings akin to being initiated into an exclusive club where personality is paramount and superficiality is extinct. Which I appreciate more than I can simply express. So what doors will the Skeleton Key open for you?

Skeleton Key Specifications

• Manufactured in California by Skeleton Key
• Constructed from Solid 303 Grade Stainless Steel with Brass Components
• Mechanical Device
• Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
• Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
• Floating Magnetic Locking Ring with 360 Degree Action and Image Indicator
• Artwork Drawn by “Marquis”
• Diameter: 23mm
• Laser Engravings
• Serialized
• Battery Tubes: 18350, 18490 (Extension), 18650 (Extension)
• Engraved Metal Authenticity Card
• Luxury Packaging and Storage Box